Christmas Party 2011

Christmas is usually a time associated with elves and snowflakes, Santa Claus and reindeers, but for the Maritime Regiment, it is an opportunity for not only the regiment cadets to express their creativity but also for the Seacrest Maritime Foundation Inc. (SMFI) family and lady sponsors to do so as well.

Which is why, for the year 2011, the themed Christmas party was: Cowboys and Indians.

The entire regiment eagerly awaited the arrival of Christmas season. With the success of last years’ themed party, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, many were anticipating the creativity and resourcefulness the cadets usually display and this year definitely did not disappoint. Everyone was decked out in their Cowboys and Indians outfits and filled Aznar Coliseum on December 16, 2011, with the two rivaling sides seated, Indians on the left and Cowboys on the right.

Everyone had a great time as beloved teachers and employees performed surprise intermission numbers. Cadets especially, were delighted to see a different side of the people they see daily.  Afterwards a dance contest among the cadets themselves was held on the stage. Various sections performed against each other in a dance off and winners were given prizes. The lady sponsors also participated in the festivities, performing a Christmas carol and later on throwing candy to the crowds.

The night ended with laughter and merriment as the whole regiment looked forward to the oncoming felicitous events and the beginning of a great new year.



Victoria Aznar

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