2016 Opening Bonfire

On the afternoon of June 8, 2016, the annual Opening Bonfire tradition of the Maritime Regiment was held at the Aznar Ballpark. This tradition, which assesses if cadets are mentally and physically ready to move up the ranks and go to a higher class, was led by the RTD Officers and Instructors, ensuring the safety of the corps of cadets.

At exactly 1730H the Bonfire started with Faculty & Staff gathering to show support to the corps of cadets. A small fellowship was made, with dinner served for employees and boodle fight for cadets. As the lighting of the bonfire began, 3 cadets held torches symbolizing the core values of the Maritime Regiment- Leadership, Discipline & Honor. After they recited the code of values, cadets with academic excellence were recognized and awarded by the OIC Dean, Captain Jacob Calva and HR-Adm Director Ms. Jonah Lafuente.

 As the night came to a close, the management revealed the new name of the 2nd Class cadets – BATCH MASIKLAB.



HSGI Employee Summer Ender

On May 27, 2016 , HSGI held the culminating event to the annual “Summer Ender”. HSGI believes that employees should not only promote health and wellness but should practice it as well. Held on four consecutive Fridays, this culminating event consisted of two different parts:

Part 1- The Volleyball championship at the Aznar Coliseum Grounds
Part 2- The Zumba Dance Contest on the 3rd floor of ABA Lobby.

In Volleyball, Employees were divided in teams A and B with 2/M Gilbyn Lee Batulan emerging as MVP and Team B winning the championship. Zumba, on the other hand, was a competition between four departments: QM & Records, Accounting, LPL & Academics. As they went head to head in this fierce competition, the LPL Department we proclaimed champions with Mr. Juliver Torres and 2M Alfonso Rey Cadaves being awarded as Best Dancer and Best Dressed accordingly.

The summer-long event came to a close as winners were awarded their trophies and gift checks from SM. And as summer and the Health and Wellness program came to an end, it gave employees the push they needed to be excited and pumped for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.



Coastal Clean-up and HSGI Employee Summer Outing

Last April 8, the HSGI team and Regiment Cadets embarked on an maritime adventure. Geared to explore and preserve the beautiful island of Mactan and it’s surrounding islands, the main purpose of this outreach was to preserve the crystal clear waters that are home to numerous species of fish.

Once on the island of Mactan, everyone cleaned the coastal area of Lapu-lapu using enviornment friendly tools such as nets, dust pans & broom twigs.

Later in the afternoon, the team went on board sever banca’s (wooden boats commonly used for inter-island transportation in the Philippines) to visit the different surronding island destinations. With everyone excited and ready to swim, the team travelled to Nalusuan island with its famous bird and fish sancutaries and Caohagan, a small and peaceful island with a marine sanctuary teeming with colorful, vibrant and diverse marine creatures.

The last stop was Sulpa Island, one of the most visited islands near Mactan, Cebu. This island is part of the six satellite islands of Olango and offered a wide variety of activities such as diving, snorkeling and has one of the most visited fish sanctuaries, perfect for fish feeding!

As the day came to an end, everyone was able to reflect and appreciate the beauty of nature. Most importantly, everyone was able to help make a difference to the surrounding environment- something that HSGI greatly values.