Earthquake and Hazard Awareness Seminar

On June 11, 2014 the Maritime Regiment, together with Seacrest Maritime Foundation, Inc. held a Earthquake and Hazard Awareness Symposium at Aznar Coliseum.

This event, attended by all regiment cadets, faculty and staff was conducted by the Human Resources department of SMFI with the participation of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOLCS) as well as the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF).

Due to the increasing number of earthquakes in the Visayas region, the PHILVOLS experts explained how faculty and staff could assist in ensuring the safety of all students as well as different safety measures that should be taken if an earthquake should occur.The ERUF Representativies on the other hand, brought tools and equipment and demonstrated different life-saving techniques and gave tips to everyone on proper protocols when faced with an emergency such as sudden heart attacks, seizures, etc.

The event ended with all students and faculty split into groups and were given an exciting a first-hand experience with the guidance of the ERUF team.


Opening Bonfire SY: 2014-2015

At the beginning of each school year, a symbolic bonfire ceremony is held by the Maritime Regiment at Aznar Ballpark to signify the burning excitement of the year ahead.

On May 27, 2014, it was announced that Cdt. Commander Bacho would serve as the new Corps Commander for year 2014-2015 and was awarded by Dean, Capt. Reynaldo Abella and SMFI President, Mrs. Gina Aznar.

Other than a way of celebrating, this bonfire was also a way of strengthening camaraderie among new 3rd class cadets and seniors. The incoming 2nd class cadets also announced their batch name “Makisig” and as everyone participated in the traditional boodle fight and presented dance and song numbers from each class, the night ended happily with resounding sounds of laughter in the air.

General Orientation Seminar: SY 2014-2015

On May 25, the Maritime Regiment once again held it’s Annual General Orientation Seminar for parents, guardians and newly accepted cadets.

Held in Aznar Coliseum, this whole-day affair was also attended by the faculty and staff of Seacrest Maritime Foundation, Inc. The cadets were given insight into the protocols and policies of the regiment and parents/guardians were oriented on the various academic policies, regimental training program and and the Study Now, Pay Later Program.