HEARTS ON FIRE: Bingo Marino, Speed Dating and Disco

Every year, it is Maritime Regiment tradition to hold fundraising activities for graduating cadets. With batch Matatag, or the upcoming graduates of school year 2011-2012, the Regiment held “Hearts on Fire: Bingo Marino, Speed Dating and Disco”.

The day started with excitement as cadets and bingo hopefuls filled the Aznar coliseum on Friday, February 24, 2012. Atty. Selwin Prada and Sir John Sarmiento acted as emcees and announcers making the event extremely lively and exciting for all. Cadets, students of the university, faculty, staff, lady sponsors and even those outside of Southwestern University joined in on the fun and witnessed many intermission numbers performed by the Seacrest Maritime Foundation Inc. (SMFI) Family while playing Bingo.

In the afternoon of the same day, “Speed Dating” among Lady Sponsors and Regiment cadets was held on the 3rd floor of the Anunsacion Barcenilla Aznar (ABA) building. Speed dating, or friendly and fun “getting to know you”, was an exercise many agreed would help cadets enhance their speaking skills and confidence. Both of which, are vital once on board an international ship. As the sun finally began to set, many went home to get ready for the Disco to be held in Aznar Coliseum.

Aznar Coliseum transformed by night time. Filled with bright lights and pulsating rhythms as cadets and students alike danced the night away, memories were made as the joyous occasion and eventful day ended.



Victoria Aznar

Presentation Of Sponsors 2012- Batch Matatag

Every school year, there is a single activity the Maritime Regiment holds which is considered the “highlight” of the year. This event is one which entails months of preparation. From marching drills to silent drill practices, the cadets of the regiment work day and night to perfect their training for the anticipated Presentation of Sponsors.

In an area which is usually quiet and peaceful, Aznar Ballpark was instead filled with a buzz of excitement on the dawn of February 17, 2012, the day of the Presentation. Cadets were clamoring and preparing for the big day ahead and with important representatives from not only the Southwestern University but also in the shipping industry, there was no room for error.

It was a bright and cloudless morning as Cadet Captain Gian Andre Aznar led the troops onto the ballpark. All 410 cadets assembled in orderly fashion as they displayed their discipline in keeping their formations despite the heat of the sun.  The lady sponsors took their positions as well. After months of practice they themselves have waited for this day to come and cheered on their partners all the while looking elegant in their uniforms.

Dr. Elsa A. Suralta, Southwestern University President, Mr. George Aznar, Board Member of Southwestern University,  Ms. Maris  Johanna Holopainen, Chairwoman of the board of directors, Mr. Andrew S. Aznar, Chairman of Seacrest Maritime Foundation Inc. , Mrs. Gina S. Aznar, President of Seacrest Maritime Foundation Inc. and guest of honor Univan vice-president Captain Paquito M. Opelano were all on the field to watch the remarkable performance by the officers and cadets.

After their performance on the field, Officers and Sponsors alike spent the afternoon getting ready for the annual Military Ball held at Rajah Park hotel. The night was filled with obvious glitz and glam as officers and lady sponsors arrived looking handsome in their white dock uniforms and ladies in their eye-catching ball gowns. As romantic song numbers were being sung all throughout the night, partners quietly conversed, taking in the special occasion.

Thus concluded the long day spent together. All the hard work and patience, everything finally paid off and everyone enjoyed the end of the night with the feeling of success.



Victoria Aznar

Batch Matatag Acquaintance Party

“Welcome! To the sweetest place on earth!”

On December 9, 2011, Maritime Regiment officers and Lady sponsors rode the elevator of the Matias H. Aznar Memorial Building (MHAM) to the 5thfloor. Expecting a regular acquaintance party, all were in for a sweet surprise as they were transported to Candy Land.

The annual regiment acquaintance party has been a tradition of the maritime regiment for years. It is at this even where Regiment Officers and recruited lady sponsors are finally paired up, revealing final partners for the upcoming Presentation of Sponsors.

This year, the entire 5th floor of MHAM building was filled with balloons and sweet treats which delighted all who entered. As the program started, obvious tension filled the air as the cadets and sponsors waited for the official pairing to begin. Through an audiovisual presentation created by Ms. Victoria Aznar, Mistress of sponsors, the pictures of the cadets and sponsors showed up side by side revealing who their partner would officially be. The separated gentlemen were then tasked to look for the sponsor in the picture, later on introducing himself as her partner and leading her to their assigned tables.

When the presentation began laughter and excitement filled the air as cadet officers scrambled to look for their partners. It was also then that Ms. Louise S. Tapia was announced as the Corps Sponsor of the Maritime Regiment for School year 2011-2012, besting other 10 lady sponsors who were interviewed and screened for the position. Her partner, Corps Commander Gian Andre M. Aznar escorted her to their special separated table.

Once the pairing was finished, dinner was served and hushed chitchat was heard all over the room. The relaxing ambiance was interrupted however once song and dance numbers were being presented by sponsors and officers. After presentations, games started with crowed favorites such as musical chairs and Newspaper dance then followed by a disco.

The night ended with smiles and showed promise of the beginning of beautiful friendships and romantic relationships.



Victoria Aznar