Can You Handle It?



Every school year involves many activities and the learning of new values for each and every cadet in the Maritime Regiment. Cadets must always anticipate the unknown and have the courage to change into a better man because only the few, the brave and the driven make it through every school year. This video,which is a preview for what is in store for the incoming school year 2011-2012 was created by me and was shown during the 2011 annual bonfire.

Victoria Aznar


Opening Bonfire: SY 2011-2012

When flames run wild,  it destroys everything in its path. However, when controlled, it may become a dancing work of art.

On the morning of June 13, 2011, Southwestern University was in for a rude awakening when a sudden fire broke outside campus, damaging six classrooms and numerous boarding houses beside the school.

Despite the unfortunate event which transpired on the first day of class, the Maritime Regiment proved that the fire could be a significant start to a bright future ahead. This sign, which was clearly displayed during the annual bonfire.

Seven hundred cadets stood in formation on the eve of the 13th with 248 of them being newly accepted 3rd class cadets. These new cadets waited in anticipation as the newly inducted corps commander of the regiment, Cadet captain Gian Aznar gave orders. As soon as the program began, the bonfire lit up not only the dark night but also the faces of all those witnessing the annual tradition.

“The fire may have blazed a building in our University but it did not damage our spirits!”, the Corps Commander said with conviction as he gave his speech. Twenty six 2nd class cadets who withstood difficult obstacles and advanced leadership training were then inducted into the Corps of Regiment Cadet Officers.  An air of certainty filled the area as the boodle fight and presentations from various cadets began and toward the end of the program, laughter and camaraderie was clearly seen among the cadets as they shared what would be a lasting first memory of school year 2011-2012.


Aljer Y. Lapera, Batch Masigasig

Aljer Y. Lapera, Batch Masigasig


Name: Lapera, Aljer Y.

 Age: 21

Home Town: Tuburan, Cebu City

Shipping company assignment: Univan Shipping Company

How did you find out about the Regiment?

It was my auntie, a teacher told me that the southwesten maritime regiment is conducting a scholarship program.

What was the screening process to enter the Regiment like?

It seems that your are marketing your self to be accepted.  Its hard, theres a lot of things to undergo and pass.

What were your expectations of the Regiment?

I expect that the regiment will provide.  I already expect hardship to be encountered along the way for it was a military style.

Describe how it feels being inside the Regiment.

Im happy to be with the regiment, even though I encounter ups and downs.  I feel the true brotherhood and importance of life.

What were your unforgettable experiences in the Regiment?

When the basketball team of Maritime won as champion in SWU Siglakas and declared as the overall champion of the year in siglakas.

What values did you learn while in the Regiment?

I’ve learned the values of discipline, leadership and honor.

What motivates you?

My status in life and family motivates me to face the challenge whatever it takes.

How do you motivate others?

I encourage them to be good and be true to themselves.

Describe a time in the Regiment where you were face with a challenging situation and how you handled it.

When the regiment almost went down.  I’ll just pray and ask strength to the lord that he will give and guide us.  Give blessings to the regiment and my future career.