Siglakas 2011

Ask any student in Southwestern University what their favorite school event is and chances are, their answer will always be Siglakas.

Siglakas, or intramurals, is a 5-day University wide event which all 18 colleges of the school participate in. Consisting of sporting events, a “students” night and academic competitions, It is the one time every school year where camaraderie in Southwestern University is clearly seen as they all come together as one to celebrate these various activities.

Medals of gold, bronze or silver are won throughout Siglakas through the different competitions and during the closing ceremonies; the Over All champion (those who garnered the most golds) is awarded.

School year 2010-2011 was the first time ever the Maritime Regiment won as the Over-all Champion, a feat which was repeated again THIS school year, 2011-2012. Being Champions in Sepak Takwaw, Men’s Volleyball, Men’s Ping Pong, Swimming and many more, The Regiment proved that it was possible to beat the odds and come out as victorious.






(Video by: Jun Machacon

Article by: Viel Aznar)

Family Day 2011

The Seacrest Maritime Foundation of the SWU Maritime Regiment understands that family always plays an important role in ones life.
With that, the first ever “SMFI Family Day” was held on July 31, 2011 at the ABA Lobby of Southwestern University.

Being part of an orgaization such as the Seacrest Maritime Foundation, its employees and their families were told about the vision and mission the organization upholds and why it is so important to be aligned with the values of SMFI and the maritime regiment.

Towards the end of the activity, children were seen happily running around while husbands and wives conversed with one another truly making it a SMFI family affair.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) and values development are more than just two departments in the Maritime Regiment.

They are essential aspects which help keep the college in order and make it better.

With the already famous slogan, “we do things right, that’s who we are”, the quality assurance department ensures that the regiment is following standard world-class protocol.

The values development department on the other hand, is the softer side of the regiment.

This department provides guidance not only to the students, but also to the faculty of SMFI (Seacrest Maritime Foundation Inc.) as well. It is what instills values and ethics in order to groom wholesome gentlemen of the regiment.

The official launching of these departments was held on August 4, 2011 at the Aznar Coliseum.

Energy was high as cadets and instructors filled the coliseum. This program was not only introducing the two departments but it also showcased the many talents of the cadets with an extemporaneous speaking contest, poster making contest and various intermission numbers .

The exciting afternoon then concluded when all cadets, teachers and visitors participated in a “Mass Dance”.


Victoria Aznar