In order to win in a competition, participants must undergo days of training and conditioning to come out victorious.

For competitions involving skill and talent, a lot of practice is involved. Regardless of what type of competition, the mindset must be properly conditioned in order to achieve a certain goal.

Ever since being named Cheer Dance champions of Siglakas, the Seahawks, or the cheer team of Southwestern Universitys Maritime Regiment, have been preparing for the Alay Lakad and Milo Marathon, city-wide cheer dance competitions which were held on September 24 and October 1, respectively.

After weeks of practice, the Seahawks proved that it was possible to win both competitions. Besting many other universities in both competitions, they showed that through hard work, patience and determination, they could come out as champions.


Maritime Regiment – SWU: Stronger than ever

(Article from The Quill)

Leadership. Discipline. Honor.

Simple words which are mere concepts for some or a matter of aspiration for most; but for the cadets of the Maritime Regiment, these are words to live by. The few, the brave and the driven.

Southwestern University’s Maritime Regiment has had its share of challenges over the years but the college has proven how mindset can be the strongest weapon in determining the outcome of a difficult situation. “WHAT DOESN’T DESTROY YOU WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER” is more than just a quote, rather,  an appropriate summation of the challenges the Regiment has had to face and their victorious outcomes; how the Regiment rose above themselves to overcome the setbacks and forge ahead.

Aspiring seafarers come from all over the Philippines to study in Southwestern University’s Maritime Regiment but out of the thousands of applicants every year, only a selected few are given the opportunity to be a part of the “study now pay later” program which is offered through the Seacrest Maritime Foundation Inc. (SMFI). Aiming to break the cycle of poverty and changing the landscape of the maritime industry, the Cadets of the Maritime Regiment instill within themselves the core values of the regiment: leadership, discipline and honor. And only those who prove themselves worthy; in terms of academic competence and standing the tests of character and attitude, move on to guaranteed lucrative and rewarding careers as maritime officers of international shipping companies.

“I consider the Maritime Regiment my home.  It has provided me with so many learning experiences that I know I would never have gained if I went to school elsewhere.  I admit it wasn’t easy to be in a regimental program and even a lot of my batch mates weren’t cut out to finish the course till the end, but after travelling the world during my apprenticeship, I have realized that everything the Regiment  taught us was meant to help and prepare us in becoming officers in maritime. All the challenges and training I went through made me a much better and stronger person”, says Kurt Royce Adaza, one of the cadets who recently returned after finishing his 12-month apprenticeship onboard an international maritime vessel.

“A positive attitude and the right values is a must to survive and perform well onboard. The Regiment has prepared me well and I am proud to be a cadet of the SWU Maritime Regiment. No other training program gives us the opportunity to achieve our dreams; enables us to improve our lives and help our country”, states Guavin Lood, another cadet who just completed his apprenticeship onboard the international vessel of UNIVAN Shipping.

Recently winning the championship in the 2011 Alay Lakad College Cheer Dance Competition last September 25, the Cadets of the Maritime Regiment once again proved that “ONE OF THE SECRETS OF SUCCESS IS TO MAKE STEPPING STONES OUT OF STUMBLING BLOCKS.” And the Maritime Regiment has done just that.

The Maritime Regiment of Southwestern University is indeed stronger than ever!


Victory Party: SY 2011-2012

The Over-All Champions of Siglakas 2011 celebrated their victory in style as they soaked in the sun, sea and waves on August 19, 2011 at Parks place beach resort in Pinamungahan , Cebu.

During the program, different coaches with their athletes were recognized for their achievements during Siglakas and respective medals were given in front of the entire regiment.

Cadets were seen playing beach games such as volleyball and tug of war, eating good food and enjoying the free time after midterms and although the rain started pouring towards the end of the day, it all the more made it a truly a memorable event for everyone.


Victoria Aznar