Batch Marangal Recognition Rites 2013

The  morning  of October 24, 2013 was buzzing with excitement as cadets and instructors alike prepared for the annual Recognition Rites Ceremony. Batch Marangal, led by Cadet Commander Gimena, assembled outside Aznar Coliseum of Southwestern University with friends and family waiting in anticipation. Tirelessly, these cadets  have been preparing for the day the school-work would stop and experience would begin, thus, marking a new chapter in their lives.

Attended by faculty and staff of SMFI, as well as SWU Chairman Ms. Maris Holopainen,  chairman of SMFI, Mr. Andrew Aznar,  his wife and SMFI President, Mrs. Gina Aznar, benefactor Dr. Uwe Rameken and partner shipping company representatives, everyone was in attendance to witness all the hard work these young men put in to their education and to see their dreams finally come to fruition.

Victory Party and Coastal Clean-up 2013

The Maritime Regiment of Southwestern University celebrated it’s Siglakas or Intramurals victory by holding their victory party at the beautiful town of Dalaguete in southern Cebu on August 22, 2013. Cadets performed song and dance numbers during the day with a special ceremony for all those who brought recognition to the regiment with victories during Siglakas.

Before beginning the celebration however, the Maritime Regiment first conducted a costal clean-up on the same beach of Dalaguete. They picked up trash, debris and all sorts of litter off the shores. This was their way of contributing to the improvement of the surroundings and not only being able to celebrate but also giving back to nature.

Family Day 2011

The Seacrest Maritime Foundation of the SWU Maritime Regiment understands that family always plays an important role in ones life.
With that, the first ever “SMFI Family Day” was held on July 31, 2011 at the ABA Lobby of Southwestern University.

Being part of an orgaization such as the Seacrest Maritime Foundation, its employees and their families were told about the vision and mission the organization upholds and why it is so important to be aligned with the values of SMFI and the maritime regiment.

Towards the end of the activity, children were seen happily running around while husbands and wives conversed with one another truly making it a SMFI family affair.