Welcome Aboard- August 2015

Consistent with our 7 core values, the top management has approved the following integration of new offices and job-fitting initiatives to further prepare SMFI embrace greater challenges ahead. To wit:

1. The hiring of ANTHONY JAMES NOAKES as Senior Director for Operations effective June 15, 2015.


Mr. Noakes carries with him a vast experience working in several areas in the maritime field, specifically as Competency Manager Consultant to PVTRANS/PVTEC , Training Director of IDESS Maritime Centre and Project and Production Manager of IDESS Interactive Technologies Inc. He is a perfect fit for the Regimental form of training and education because of his involvement in the Royal Australian Navy Chief Petty Officer Acoustic Warfare Systems. He also has worked as Corporate HR Manager at Songa Offshore in Singapore. He is a holder of Bachelor degree in Adult Education, Major in Human Resource Development, University of Sydney, Australia.

2. The hiring of Captain ROY AKKER as Senior Director, Business Development effective July 1, 2015.


Before joining SMFI, Capt. Akker worked as the Human Resource Manager in Asia/Owner Representative United Philippines Lines, Inc for HAL in the Philippines. His stellar seafaring career was evident in his officership on board Holland America Line (HAL Beheer B.V) from 2003-2008. He has attended KOFS Royal School for Inland Shipping and OBS de Molengang in The Netherlands. He holds a dual degree on Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation & Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering from ROC Den Helder, The Netherlands. He was also an instructor/assessor Development Course (STCW 98 Basic Safety Training) in MSR Rotterdam, Den Helder Training Center.

3.   Effective Monday, 10 August 2015 until December 2015, Ms. Anika Kriesel will start her OJT exposure with SMFI.


During the duration of her apprenticeship, she will work directly with Capt. Roy Akker, Sr. Director-Business Development and will hold office at Ms. Hannah Gabiana’s former work station. She will participate in all employee activities and shall be treated like a regular employee.

Welcome Aboard!

Forward Always Forward Maritime Regiment!


Batch Magiting Recognition Rites 2014

On October 29 2014, One hundred twenty cadets of Batch Magiting held their Recognition Rites outside Aznar Coliseum of Southwestern University. Led by Cadet Commander Bacho, parents and friends witnessed the celebration of a triumphant milestone in the young men’s lives.

SMFI  faculty and staff, SWU Chairman Ms. Maris Holopainen,  chairman of SMFI, Mr. Andrew Aznar, and his wife, SMFI President, Mrs. Gina Aznar, benefactor Dr. Uwe Rameken and partner shipping company representatives attended the event.  Also in attendance was Mr. Miguel Rivera, President of OSTE shipping and the keynote speaker for the ceremony. Academic awards were given out to the top 15 of the 50 marine transportation cadets as well as to the top 15 of the 70 marine engineering cadets with Cadet Sidney Figues being awarded top honors for Marine Transportation and Cadet Benny Mariel Tinapay for Marine Engineering.

On the evening of the same day, everyone gathered at the Grand Convention Center in Cebu City for the Graduation Ball. Heartfelt speeches and words of encouragement were shared by parents and faculty to the new graduates. With laughter and dancing all around, the night concluded with high spirits and excitement for the future.


Opening Bonfire SY: 2014-2015

At the beginning of each school year, a symbolic bonfire ceremony is held by the Maritime Regiment at Aznar Ballpark to signify the burning excitement of the year ahead.

On May 27, 2014, it was announced that Cdt. Commander Bacho would serve as the new Corps Commander for year 2014-2015 and was awarded by Dean, Capt. Reynaldo Abella and SMFI President, Mrs. Gina Aznar.

Other than a way of celebrating, this bonfire was also a way of strengthening camaraderie among new 3rd class cadets and seniors. The incoming 2nd class cadets also announced their batch name “Makisig” and as everyone participated in the traditional boodle fight and presented dance and song numbers from each class, the night ended happily with resounding sounds of laughter in the air.