Who Can Apply?

The Maritime Regiment accepts incoming 1st-year college students. For students transferring from a different school and students shifting from a different course, they will only be admitted into the Regiment as a 1st- year student.

What courses are offered?

The Maritime Regiment offers two courses:
-Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering
-Bachelor of Science in Marine Trasportation

Requirements to Join the Regiment

Age 15 to 21 years old
High school graduate
Pass the ISHIHARA and Physical Screening
Pass the Maritime Regiment Admissions Test
Pass the Panel Interview and Screening
Pay the fees required
Pass the Medical Exam
Pass the 10- Day Boot Camp Training

What is a Regimental Program?

The Regimental Program of the Maritime Regiment is a quasi-military educational training program which develops officers for the international maritime industry. This training prepares the cadets for their future life at sea as competent and well-rounded seafarers.

The values of discipline, leadership and honor are inculcated in each of the cadets; led by Cadet officers and assisted by professional personnel and instructors from Seacrest Maritime Foundation Inc., the college sets high standards for academic performance, conduct, leadership, teamwork and personal growth that are in keeping with the demands of the profession.

When to Apply?

The Maritime Regiment accepts applications year-round.

For detailed Admissions information, email the Maritime Regiment at