Headway Seacrest Group Inc. Management Team

Permanent Members


Position Incumbent
President, HSGI Gina Aznar
Chief of Corporate Planning Albert Zablan
Vice President, Business Development Lars Bleymann
Vice President, Maritime Education & Training Capt. Rex Recomite
Director, Research & Development Capt. Jacob Calva
Dean, Maritime Regiment 2/E Melchor Millar
Director, Human Resources Dr. Jonah Lafuente
Chief Finance Officer
Head, Business Office Eugenio B. Bana-ay, Jr.
Director, Legal Atty. Selwin Prada
Chief of Quality & Compliance Huriel Alejandro

Honorary Members

Position Incumbent
Director, Shipboard Training Office Capt. Rodolfo Aspillaga
Department Chair , MTI Engine & Head, STO Department C/E Jose Fugoso
Manager, People & Organizational Development Julian Pido
Manager, Quality Systems Larry Bastatas
Manager, Branding & Communications Victoria Aznar

Note: Honorary Members are not permanent members of the Management Committee, they join Management Committee meetings on a ‘per invitation’ basis.


Official List as of: April 2017