About the Regiment

Established in June of 2007 by Seacrest Maritime Foundation Inc. this program has been designed to give the opportunity of quality education and training to underprivileged but deserving Filipino youths from all parts of the country.

Now managed by Headway Seacrest Group Inc. as of 2010, this  comprehensive Regimental Training Program utilizes an enhanced curriculum to develop Maritime Officers, wherein students are under the control & supervision of the Dean, Faculty & Training Officers, 24/7, ensures high quality, instills the core values of the regiment which are leadership, discipline and honor to produce the most sought-after graduates by a very demanding  global industry.

Maritime Regiment Merchant Marine Officers Development Program:

  • Holistic and Values-based Regimental Training
  • 24/7 supervision per semester
  • High standards of Academic, Physical and Mental training, structured and supervised
  • Enhanced CHED curriculum: 3 yrs. (on campus) + 1 yr. (shipboard training)
  • Competent , qualified and committed  line-up of instructors
  • Stringent screening and application process.
  • 100% Job Guarantee  with International Shipping Company Partners
  • Training anchored on core values of the Regiment: Leadership, Discipline, Honor, Values, Sense of Purpose & Responsibility